Today, finding a good school is probably the most important step you can do if you want to ensure the best education for their children. Mind you it’s often the school your children will attend that can make all the difference for their career chances later on in life. In many cases, your children’s future can already be decided by the quality of school they are visiting. There are several reasons for that, let me explain.

prep school HertfordshireFirst, a poor school, and here I mean such schools where teachers are not motivated, where there are too many pupils in a class or those schools that don’t have sufficient funding can mean that your children’s grades could be lacking.

Smaller, private schools often have the advantage that those children who need more help with learning can be attended to a lot better. This in turn means better grades.

Secondly, some schools in the United Kingdom have such a good reputation that the simple mention of those schools on a CV is all it requires to land a good job later on.

Know that even families from overseas are sending their children to prep schools in the United Kingdom because they know about the good reputation of those schools. In some cases, the top jobs of today require that someone visited the very best schools –  many of those are here in UK.

In times of a poor economy and a very competitive job market, a prep school or private school can actually be a smart investment. Even with initial costs for such as school, it can be an investment for your children that will pay for itself over time. Statistics have shown that young people who visited private schools in UK are on average earning a lot more and also getting better, desirable jobs.

The Kingshottschool is one prep school Hertfordshire that I can recommend to you. This is the school we decided on after many months of research for the best school for our children. I can without a question say that we are very happy with our decision.

Before you decide on a school for your children you should not disregard any of the good, renowned prep schools and private schools in the UK. Choose what’s best for your children’s future and don’t make any sacrifices, especially not when it comes to the education of your children!



Driftwood Art By Doris Brixham


Driftwood Art By Doris Brixham


I hope you enjoy my little driftwood gallery above. I chose some select pieces I really like. The art pieces are coming from Doris, a driftwood art designer from Brixham.

Ergonomic furniture has a lot more benefits than just being more comfortable. In fact, ergonomic furniture and overall better ergonomics say at your workplace or at home can have a significant, positive impact on your health and well-being.

ergonomic chairA lot of today’s very common health problems where millions can be suffering are in fact often caused by poorly designed and non-ergonomic workplaces.

This is no wonder if you realise that most of us today spend many hours seated  and bent over a computer keyboard in an office environment.

As if this would be bad enough, the same problem can exist at home.

Today, a lot of people are actually working at home, and even in their free time the may spend most of their time seated on a chair or couch, say if they watch TV or play on their computers.

This is the main reason that many people today are experiencing the above-mentioned health problems, some even at a very early age.

With ergonomic chairs and desks designed following the latest ergonomic standards, a lot of those issues could be avoided.

There is a reason why increasingly more employers today want their staff’s work spaces ergonomic. This is not merely some sort of luxury.

The benefits of ergonomics go far beyond this. Employers today have finally realized this.

With less health issues otherwise caused by non-ergonomic office furniture come less sick days due to ill-health and fewer spending on medical treatments. In other words, ergonomic chairs and ergonomic desks can have a direct positive financial impact any company that uses them.

But it’s not only overall better health for the employees with can be a result of ergonomic workplaces or ergonomic furniture.

It’s as simple as that a healthier employee is more productive and is likewise more motivated. This too can have a tremendous impact on any business.

In conclusion it can be said that better ergonomics at work in the office or at home has so many benefits that it is always worth to replace the old chair and office desk with new, ergonomic pieces.

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The new business-class cabin seat in Singapore Airlines' Boeing 777-300ER

The new business-class cabin seat in Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777-300ER

If you’re fortune enough to have the cash for a first-class ticket on airlines such as Singapore airlines or Etihad Airlines, here is what you can expect if you board one of the their Boeing 777 or A380 in 1st class.

Those fantastc designs have one thing in common: They are from London UK’s top designers such as Factorydesign, JPA Design or Acumen Design Associates.

Etihad's "The Residence", one which will be installed on each of its A380s

Etihad’s “The Residence”, one which will be installed on each of its A380s

Increasingly more airlines are now looking to the British capital to provide elegance, style and luxury for their well paying customers.

If you’re looking for a real good gym in Hackney, I can highly recommend that you check out the The London Fields Gym Fitness Studio for Pilates in Hackney and more. They are located at Arches 379 & 380, Mentmore Terrace, London Fields in Hackney.

I was very impressed with the London Fields gym, not because they had nice equipment available but most importantly because they great trainers and an awesome selection of training classes! They have personal trainers and drop-in classes. For £20, you can get unlimited use of 15 classes for one entire month which I think is a very cool deal.

Just to give you an idea about their classes: They have circuit training, “warrior” classes, yoga courses, an army boot camp, mash up training and many more. So for £20 you can go to 16 classes which is an awful lot for a month.

Even if you’re not interested in their classes it’s a great gym that I recommend to you. So make sure you check out The London Fields Gym in Hackney!

6985505-largePlymouth’s art venues want to keep their art graduates in the city. The goal of Plymouth’s leading artists is it to make sure the “skilled workforce” that graduates from school remains in town.

A number of of unique exhibitions have recently opened up to the public. Those are exhibitions where local talent can show off their skills. The venues also want to get the general public interested in what local art art has to offer.

On of the directors of a local exhibit is Steve Berry.

He said in a public statement:  “I taught fine art in Plymouth University for 30 years, and for me, it has always been my firm belief that as well as art existing in galleries, it should be able to be seen by the public in a public and friendly way.

What I’ve done is set up residencies for students and ex-students inside the pub, where they can both make and show their work.”

He continued to say:  “The public have been very engaged with it and have found it very interesting; and for me, we are educating students and the public about what art has to offer.

Any healthy society needs to have the arts – the pub is built around that.”

With the UK’s vast history of horse racing, it’s not surprising that many in the United Kingdom enjoy the races. Add the fact that you can bet some money on a horse and if you’re lucky go home a little richer makes horse racing even more appealing for many Britons, a nation which as you may perhaps know is not exactly opposed to the idea of betting and wagering in general.

While horse racing for many is considered a form of entertainment, something you enjoy before you hang out in a local pub with some of your buddies later on, for some people, horse racing is a much more serious matter.

I am talking about those so called “horse racing professionals” who made betting on the horses into their passion and more often than not also their second income.

On the other hand, I won’t deny that it’s only a minority of people who may actually be able to make a living from their winnings.

What’s the difference between those professional betters and gamblers and the occasional guy who enjoys the races without going home with a bunch of money? The answer here is a rather simple one: The former know about solid racing tips and apply this knowledge on the tracks while the latter don’t care about those things that much and are fine with enjoying an afternoon at the track, whether they win or not.

I recommend that if you want to make the most of horse racing today, get yourself some horse racing tips and betting advice and turn what is normally only great entertainment into a nice flow of cash.

Obviously, not everything that promises you riches at the horse track can be trusted. I am telling your right now that getting “real” horse racing tips can actually be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t have the right connections or don’t know where to look for the right UK horse racing advice.

That’s why I always recommenced to go with a proven horse racing tips subscription rather than wasting your money on betting systems that won’t even work.

If you’re like me and love golf, an annual golf holiday is pretty much mandatory. This is always the best time for my entire family to relax and for me, of course, to play some games on some of the best golf courses in the world.

Now, the problem is that not everyone is a millionaire and can afford to spend huge sums each and every time they go on a golf break. But the good thing is that golf enthusiasts today won’t have to spend a lot if they want to enjoy a fantastic golf break.

With all-inclusive package deals for golf breaks, even those on a budget don’t need to stay at home and can now enjoy playing golf in amazing locations all around the world. Here are my tips for some fantastic gold breaks on a budget:

* Northern Italy

Italy is always my favorite since the travel times are short and the courses are outstanding. Check out the clubs and courses in Italy’s north, in particular near Lake Garda or Lake Maggiore.  There you can spend a week playing on some of the best golf courses in Europe

* France

There are also many fantastic courses in France. Travel times are equally short as if you were to go to Italy. Unless you insist going to Biarritz or some of those posh areas in Southern France, a golf vacation in France can also be rather affordable.

Music is always important and this is even more the case when you want to have a big party or similar event. Just imagine a grand wedding reception with hundreds of your relatives and best friends and what would happen if the music there would be poor. Bad musical entertainment at a such an event could easily bring down the mood, no matter how much you spent on your caterer and everything else.

The Singing Waiters!!

The Singing Waiters!!

Because of that, let’s take a look at the options you have for party and wedding entertainment. Let me give you some helpful tips.

Of course, a party where you invite a handful of your best friends is entirely different to a wedding reception or an event such as a corporate party.

Certain musical entertainment like a DJ may well do for one occasion but might not be optimal for another.

Large events with many guest often mean that you cannot and should not focus on a certain style of music but need to offer some variety.

Consider that guests can be of any age and hiphop or pop may not be appealing to some of your guests.

For really classy party entertainment, a perfect surprise entertainment for a wedding would be surprise singers. Surprise singers like the singing waiters are entirely different than your average local DJ or wedding band. With the secret singers you can get professional talented entertainment to your party that will involve your guests. The secret singers will put on an amazing show that will entertain anyone.

I had the fortune to see the secret singers a while ago at my niece’s Jodie’s reception in Birmingham. I am sure I already attended a dozen or so wedding receptions, but this was without a doubt the best one I’ve ever been to. When you’ve seen the singing waiters in action you will understand why!!

So…to make a long story short: If you want a really great party or wedding, get the singing waiters, they will be a total blast!